Eric’s 4 Rules

If I were to post rules around my classroom, I would put them in obvious places where the would have to look every time they entered the area. Some of these places would include above the sink where they clean their tools, on the wall where the tools get stored, and the wall behind the throwing wheel. The 4 main rules I would post are:

  1. Do not touch another students art work.
  2. Come to class ready to work.
  3. Clean your work area and tools; place the tools back in their designated area’s. Failure to do so will cost you all of your participation points for the day.
  4. If something is wrong, tell the teacher right away. This includes broken tools, problems with your project that may have devastating results if not dealt with immediately, or if you just have a problem with another student in general.

An article that I found that is published by Scholastic  is called “30 Classroom Procedures to Head Off Behavior Problems” by Bonnie Murray.

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