Matthew’s 4 Rules

My main rule would have to be this:

No Talking While Others are Talking

It drives me psycho when students show no respect for me or for each others when they talk while others are talking.

Other rules would have to be:

Bring all necessary materials to class every day

Do the work assigned

Be the kind of person you want to be


A good website that I found was this:

This website is not so much a tutorial in and of itself, but it is a great resource for finding information on what you need.   It has a bunch of links to other useful websites that have professional development information and a really nice thing is that it is broken up by grade level.   A lot of stuff out there is not age appropriate, so with this system, you don’t need to waste time reading information that may not apply to the age group you are looking at.


Here’s my wordle image-words


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