A howyoodoooin’ from Liz

Da Soap Champ!

I moved to Kodiak almost 4 years ago after spending 2 years in Kotzebue. Prior to that I had lived my entire life in New York City, the Greatest City in the World.   I attended Columbia University, landed a sweet job at Children’s Hospital at New York Presbyterian, became bored, certified as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic and then joined FDNY.   I was never bored afterward.

I came to Kodiak as a Nurse Educator and had no intention of changing career paths. My pursuit of a career in Education began rather serendipitously:   After substituting as school RN, I was asked if I wanted to fill in for high school Spanish classes, as KIBSD had no bilingual guest teachers.   I was then invited to cover a wide variety of classes and thoroughly enjoyed working with young adults and seeing the world through their eyes.   I ventured outside my comfort zone and covered classes like Auto Shop, Art and Statistics.   My students learned and had fun.   I learned and had even more fun.   I was hooked!   Following a long-term teaching assignment a colleague suggested I pursue my teaching credential and become a “real” educator.   Now I find myself here, with you fine people, embarking on what is now my 3rd career and loving every step of the way.   Teaching secondary education has become my passion and I find myself really enjoying the process of becoming.   My hope is to find a teaching position in the bush after graduation.

I have 2 fantastic and unbelievably wonderful kids, both of whom are in college, Georgie at Penn State and Mimi at Princeton.   They’ve started calling me at times other than when they need money, so that’s probably a good sign.   I share my home with 2 service animals, Cujo the 7-pound attack terrier (she thinks) and Terrible Jimmy the very large Siamese with cattitude.   My home in Kodiak overlooks the harbor and is a great place for my soap studio.   My soap making hobby has morphed into a small business and I’m truly thankful that folks like my products. This year my handcrafted all-natural soap cupcake took 1st Place and the Grand Champion rosette at the Kodiak Rodeo & State Fair.

It’s a pleasure to meet everyone. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

And here’s Cujo. She’s looking forward to sharing a steak.   LOL!





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