Noelle: Grad Student, Coach, Terrible Housewife

Noelle and Garret

Hello fellow classmates!

My name is Noelle and I’ll be “Elluminating” with you from Talkeetna, Alaska. I’m a born, bred, and wed Talkeetnan, so, as you can imagine, I’m pretty attached and probably won’t be leaving anytime soon. The husband and I love our little life here with our huge dog, Miss Marple (affectionately known as “Big Marp”). My goal after finishing the licensure program is to teach high school English and Theatre out here at Su-Valley Jr/Sr High School. I’m excited to have the opportunity to pay it forward in the community that raised me. ¬†As for my academic career, I completed my undergraduate degree in Theatre at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR in 2011. At the moment my time is split between two different graduate programs. I’m in my final year of the MA English program at UAA and have just started taking classes for the UAF Teaching Licensure program to get a head start on next year. So, unlike most of you, I’m not student teaching right now. But I am currently writing my MA thesis, so I’m hoping we can still provide mutual support for each other! When I’m not commuting into Anchorage for class, I coach volleyball and sub regularly at the high school. Our volleyball season starts the end of September and I’ll probably talk about my team a lot since I don’t have a classroom I’m observing daily. Go Rams!

It’s nice to meet you all,


Bonus picture of Big Marp

Big Marp

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