Well-Begun Is Half Done

I believe it was Mary Poppins who said “well begun is half done’, which reinforces what has been emphasized in our CM class about establishing rules and shared expectations from the beginning of the year to prepare for the shared learning community. Structuring the day to allow for smooth transitions, making clear classroom policies, all are important to put into place to make a safe place where the learning can begin. Now it’s important to make the learning relevant, meaningful, and interesting. By a variety of means, I will make a point of learning as much as possible about my students so I can adapt my methods and approach. Students learn by doing, and the more they do, the better they get. My job is to be finding the sparks that make it work for them, being prepared with great lesson plans but also willing to substitute them if they are not working. My students should take away the satisfaction of having worked to their potential by being presented with assignments and activities that are interesting enough to lead them to increasingly more difficult challenges. When they have done that successfully, they will feel confident in applying what they’ve learned to other endeavors throughout their lifetime. My job being done, I can float away under my umbrella.

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