Classroom managment to achieve my personal philosphy.

It is important as a teacher to infuse the idea in students’ minds that learning is not limited to the context of a book in a classroom, but is a tool to help us become better human beings outside of the classroom and for the rest of our lives.   Creating an atmosphere in a classroom where students can come together as a team, with respect to each others uniqueness, and feel comfortable and have fun while learning will give them the confidence that they are undeniably capable of attaining any and all goals they set for themselves.   In order to realize this goal, students need to feel safe, have a set of classroom procedures they can easily follow, and be provided with an effective instructional plan that keeps them motivated to want to learn inside and outside of the classroom.   Some key strategies I’ve learned in class that I will use as a teacher to realize my overall objective come mostly from a mixture of Dr. Kaden’s lectures and the handbook for classroom management that works.   For instance, I will utilize many suggestions from section one of the handbook, which describes the importance of setting rules and procedures in order to tackle every thing from behavior issues to cooperative learning strategies.   There are so many other strategies I plan to incorporate into my classroom to create a productive learning environment for my future students’ success.

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