Philosophy for the future

I’m not teaching yet, so this is me and my untried teaching philosophy:


My personal philosophy about creating a productive learning environment for my future students is that learning needs to be fun, or at least interesting to students and to the teacher. When student or teacher lose interest in the subject, chaos ensues. I realize that students learn in many different ways and in order to keep them all on track and help them all to learn effectively, I will have to incorporate many different learning styles into my lessons. I will be teaching science, which can be a very hands on, and therefore very interesting class. These hands on lessons, however can be dangerous, or at least have the potential of being dangerous if students are running about. This is why classroom management is important. I will have to be sure that my students are paying attention and actively involved in demonstrations or experiments. If students are not understanding what is going on, or if they are bored, it can lead to them being disruptive, and possibly causing harm to themselves and others.

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