Personal Philosophy

Hi All,

In order to create a productive learning environment, I would aim primarily to create a class that is challenging for students. Secondarily, I would give students as much feedback and opportunities to contribute as possible. I think we are most motivated when we are doing something that is relevant and engaging, and as I consider these two qualities of an effective classroom, I would recall the information on Universal Design Learning that we reviewed for our last quiz.   I would remember that what I find engaging may not always be what appeals to my students.   We are also motivated when we are recognized for the efforts we contribute to a relevant cause, and to that end, I would shape the time in my class so that I always have time to provide intentional, specific feedback on their work. For example, I hope to do a fair amount of conferencing with students on their papers since it’s often much easier and less time-consuming to share something orally than through writing.

I’m looking forward to letting these goals guide my practice in the classroom and hope that this might be one example of something that is as easy as it sounds:)


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