Classroom Management Philosophy

My current philosophy on classroom management is that I want my classroom’s dynamic to feel comfortable, without a lot of rules coming from me, but more of an emphasis on the student’s responsibility to behave appropriately. I want my students to feel comfortable enough to be themselves so that they can share their opinions and jump in on conversation or debate or class discussion whenever they feel like it. Or raise their hand to ask a question during a lecture whenever they feel like it. I like classrooms with a lot of energy and classrooms that are more informal than formal. Although I know that this type of dynamic can open a window to students over talking one another or me, I feel that if I develop the student’s respect and lay the ground rules for the dynamic of the classroom from the first day on they will know their boundaries and their limits in the classroom, especially when I have to intervene and say something. I am naturally not a very serious person when interacting with other people so I don’t plan on my classroom being serious, but lighthearted. My philosophy on classroom management is to create an environment that is fun, high energy, and encouraging of student learning, where the students feel responsible for their own achievement and learning process without the sense that I, as the teacher, am an enforcer of rules.

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