My outlook on what makes a productive learning environment is a combination of an organized art classroom with proper safety protocols in place, with a teacher who interacts one on one with students and works to build quality relationships as well as furthers their understanding of the content area.

Before you can have a productive learning environment in an art room, you need to have a room in which there is plenty of space to work as well as space for students to store works in process. The room needs to be organized and well stocked so that students are not searching for tools or supplies, which takes away from the short time they have to work each day. It is important to employ proper classroom management strategies to ensure that the room stays safe and tools are used properly.

Connecting with students and building a professional rapport is critical as students will respect and abide by classroom rules. Students are their to learn and need instructors that fully understand the content area in which they are teaching. Having a qualified instructor is important because it will maximize the students achievement. It is also important for a teacher to keep up with the changing times, and in the art world the new and ever changing techniques and mediums.



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