I haven’t done my official observation yet, so this is a reflection of one I saw in highschool. The teacher almost always started off class (science ) with some sort of a demonstration or fun/interesting activity. He would then take it through the lesson and honestly, we often ran out of time at the end and would continue it into the next days work, but we were always excited for his class. The first transition was getting us into our seats at the beginning of the class, he handled this by engaging us in the activity that was going on in the front. Sometimes the activity required us to be out of our seats, so getting us back to our seats was the next transition, but for the most part, we liked and respected the teacher enough that if he asked us for something, we did it. The last transition was leaving, the bell system made that easy.   This teacher is one of the main reasons I plan on teaching science. He made it fun and interesting, and even though it seemed disorganized sometimes, I learned more in that one year in his classroom than I think I have since in my college classes. What I really want to be able to apply to my classroom is that he was interested in us. He was interested in what each student liked to do in class and what we did outside of class, and sometimes he would incorporate those things into lessons. We had a group of boys that liked to throw gummies and try to catch them in their mouths, and one day that was part of our physics lesson. He knew the music we liked and who played what sports and how to connect with everyone else. He put the effort into forming relationships with each student that made us want to do our best in his classes.