Reflection on Classroom Management

1.) Describe effective management strategies you observed for opening a lesson, applied during a lesson, and for lesson closure.

Effective classroom management strategies I have observed my English mentor use in opening a lesson is by immediately giving direction to the students the second the bell rings (or at least within the minute) so they don’t have time to get involved in other off-task activities. During a lesson I saw this same mentor make sure every student was paying attention to her while she was talking or asking them questions. She would pause and look at the student until they stopped chatting if needed and then light heartily continue on. For lesson closure my English mentor would tell them what was due tomorrow, sometimes. Honestly by the end of class in both of my mentor’s classrooms the students are socializing and my mentors just allow it.

2.) Name 3 common transitions you observed and how did the teacher handle those.

1 common transition: Switching from journal writing on their laptops to working on a worksheet (or something like that). The teacher honestly doesn’t handle the transitions very well. Most of the students will still have their laptops out, or not even be working on their worksheets and the teacher will just allow it. 2. Working on something to reading silently. This transition is dealt with the same as above. 3. Reading to class discussion (or something like that). This is probably the most effective transition, the desks are circled up, students are focused on the task at hand. The teacher asks them to put their desks in a circle, they do, and begins class discussion, and they stay on task.
3.) Describe a strategy that you observed and may apply to your classroom.

A strategy I observed was using the “pregnant pause” when students are abandoning your attempt to transmit them to another task! 🙂

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