Teacher-Student Relationships

Here are my 3 choices, Enjoy!

Website: Of course, my favorite!   Edutopia   https://www.edutopia.org/

This website, if any of you are not already aware, has a plethora of information and it is super easy to navigate.   It has blogs, and strategies, classroom guides, etc.   When I typed in teacher-student relationships in the search bar a ton of stuff came up!

Blog: Five Practices for Building Positive Relationships with Students, by Kelley Clark

Found on Education Week Teacher at https://www.edweek.org/tm/articles/2012/08/07/tln_clark.html?qs=relationships

Clark blogs about five practices that helped her develop positive relationships with her students.   1. Leave reminders on your desk to ask students questions regarding personal issues (positive). 2. Never let the other student see you react inappropriately to a student’s comment. 3. Actually use the information you receive from a first-day student survey. 4. Schedule “bonding’ time. And Finally, 5. Learn your students’ name immediately!

Video: Re-conceptualizing teacher-student relationships to foster school success.

2011 Clifford Award winner Jessica Toste shares research on relationships between teachers and special needs students. I chose this video because I thought it was important to include the relationship differences that a teacher may face with those of special needs students.   I don’t think the handbook covered much of this, so enjoy!


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