Student/Teacher Relationships


This is a blog created by an art teacher. I found several of her post interesting. She talked about organizing art materials, and teaching art myself, I understand how important this is! She suggested ways in which you can label and keep track of simple things like markers so that they don’t “walk” out of your room. Just an overall good blog for anyone out there who teaches art:)


This is an interesting website for teachers. This comprehensive website has resources available to teachers that include lesson plans, organizing ideas, newsletters, and games. I really the like section under classroom management because it lists the different types of students you may have and various ways in which you can discipline that student for their particular behavioral issue.


This is quick and some what entertaining list of top ten classroom management tips and tricks. Although it shows elementary students, the information can be applied to all grades. One tip I liked in particular was connecting positively with students because once a relationship is built, students are more likely to listen and behave.

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