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Happy Tuesday Night, Everyone.

  1. Website for Classroom Management: https://ed.ted.com/

Educational videos seem to be gaining popularity exponentially. TED-ED is a wonderful resource that brings together a lot of smartly animated lessons as well as celebrity lectures into a clear format searchable by subject, series, or popularity. In the Language and Literature section, for instance, there is a short video on the power of simple words. The animation in the video makes the lesson memorable, and like many of the other videos on this site, it is accompanied by a quiz, information about the creators, and a way to “dig deeper’ into the topic.

  1. Blog on Classroom Management: https://public-groups.nea.org/discussion/forum/show/162197

The link above takes us to the question and answer forum with the NEA’s expert on classroom management. I chose this link for two reasons: First, I liked the feature where you could actually write in with a question. As soon as I am back in the classroom and feel I have a real question to pose, I’m going to try that function. Second, many of the issues brought to the expert of a legal slant and I think this is one element of classroom management we don’t always consider or fully understand. For instance, what are the parents’ right in a classroom controlled by the behavior of one particularly disruptive student? This question is one of many that reflects a complex situation with many involved parties; I like that this blog-style website, given that its associated with our national union, considers not only good practices but also legal ones.

  1. Video for Classroom Management: https://www.edutopia.org/classroom-management-teacher-tips-video

On Edutopia, a playlist of classroom management “Tricks of the Trade’ can be found at this link above. The video is a running playlist of short vignettes featuring small, seemingly insignificant classroom management choices from a variety of classrooms. The videos show the tool in action, provides an explanative narrative, and concludes with a short interview with each teacher to hear their rationale for the trick.

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