Resources for Management

Just like everybody else, I went through tons of videos and blogs and websites. Unfortunately I can’t post them all or else it would be a really convoluted blog post. So, I just sort of forced myself to choose things arbitrarily. I look forward to reading everybody’s posts!

1.) Blog:

This guy has tons and tons of posts about classroom management. Some of these posts have tens of thousands of views. A lot of these things are seemingly common sense, but some of the other ones are really useful and interesting. He has posts about seemingly every topic from first day of school mistakes, student-teacher relations (see here and here ) on how to manage the classroom once you’ve already failed. I recommend giving him a look. His site is sort of poorly laid out so navigating and looking for articles is a bit nonintuitive, but the content is worth it. The two articles I posted are two of my favorites.


2.) Site:

Ugh, I found so many really great sites while I was searching. Unfortunately, a lot of the websites I found were abandoned. I actually wanted to have my site be , but one of our classmates already stole that one! This website I chose is the National Education Association, and they do a lot of question and answer stuff. They have a lot of great articles on here, but you have to sort of work to find them! My favorite section is Routines and Procedures


3.) So, I decided to post more than one video. They are not really related to each other, but are equally worth seeing. The first is a classroom management documentary short from 1947 which a lot of you probably stumbled upon in your search. If not. here it is. This video is really interesting – compare and contrast it with what we’ve been learning and the other videos being posted. It is fascinating to see how these sorts of things have changed and stayed the samer over 60+ yeras. The second is here and is about technology in the classroom, of which I am a BIG supporter. As a (prospective) English teacher, using laptops is really important to me as students will be writing. I think technology is really important in a classroom, but it can be really easy to misuse. It’s really interesting to compare these two videos, the technology in the second video didn’t even exist for years after the first one. Laptops and iPads have changed the way we have to manage our classes.

There are a lot of videos all over the internet – and the ones I REALLY wanted to post were like, over an hour long. The most interesting videos on YouTube about classroom management are 1-1.5 hours long.