Classroom Management Online Resources

I found several interesting online resources relating to classroom management.

The website I found specifically relates to classroom management for the English teacher. Guest contributors write articles relating to different areas of classroom management– teaching large classes, working with classes of mixed ability, or even pair and group work with ESL students. One article I found particularly interesting addressed whether it is better to correct pronunciation immediately or privately after class. You can find that specific article here.

This blog is sponsored by edutopia, has many wonderful posts for classroom management and teaching in general. The link I provided goes to a blog entry about building positive relationships with English Language Learners. Some other posts I enjoyed paid homage to the sticky note and explored ways to incorporate introverted students in the classroom.

Finally, the video I found on classroom management also comes from edutopia. This video demonstrates how one school is using positive discipline strategies to promptly address any behavior issues. The school emphasizes student responsibility in the discipline process, which seems to be working well at their middle school.

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