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This week I found some GREAT resources, that I even shared with my mom who is a elementary reading interventionist. She loved them and is sending a few of them out to her staff as well. 🙂 One thing she said was that she wished was that her school shared this resources more. Keep that in mind and don’t be afraid to share some of the resources you find with the teachers who you work with. Don’t assume that since they have been teaching they know about these resources because they probably don’t!


1.)The Teaching Channel : WOW, this is an awesome resource and all video (for those of us that find reading article after article boring). Videos are organized by subject, grade, or topic and it was extremely easy to navigate. I was quickly able to find my video resource without struggles. If you sign up you can highlight your interests and get notifications about new videos and you can take notes on the videos! Check this one out everyone!


2.) Building Relationships: Sharing Passion with Students : This is a great video that I found on The Teaching Channel. This video is quite inspirational, highlighting the importance of finding personal interests of each of your students to engage them in your lessons and your classrooms. I am so passionate about my subject and I want to share that with the students. 🙂 Short little video but gives you a warm fuzzy feeling afterwards.


3.) 14 Ways to Create Classroom Chemistry : Okay, so I may have gotten a little carried away on the Teaching Channel but I found so many great things that I had to share. I switched my blog three times already until I finally stopped myself and said just share this one. This article reminded me of the type of classroom I want to create; a warm, comfortable community every time the student steps in my classroom. This blog gave some great ideas on how to do that, I’d recommend it to anyone.

I may not have diversified my resources very well but I did check out quite a few other websites that I found to be quite useful. I just settled on these because they were the most inspirational to me this morning.

Hope everyone is having a great week and gearing up for winter. Yes, I said it. 🙂 I’m looking forward to skating, skiing, and the beautiful winter night skies. What are you looking forward to?

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