The classroom rules that I have established are the three R’s.: respect yourself, respect others, and respect the school.   I go to so many different classrooms that I like for the expectation to be the same in each class.   The first day of school I went over the three R’s with students I had them brainstorm what kinds of things fell under each category.   For example, students’ may say “being a good listener’ for respecting others. I have had a great deal of success with this method so far.   When I walk in and ask what the three R’s are the students’ usually rattle them off. I then ask for examples.   I also point out when students are practicing the three R’s ie. “Nice job respecting school equipment.’   In terms of procedures I let the students know what we are going to be doing for that lesson.   I try to give them as detailed information as possible and write on the board as we go along.   Occasionally, I will give an award and let them know what is expected to get the reward.   I believe positive reinforcements are the best reinforcements.

Music Video on Respect (Elementary Focus)

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