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The four rules that apply to all of the classes I currently teach are:

Be kind to others

Respect tools and materials

Stop what you are doing when the instructor is talking

Always clean up

I believe that no matter what type of class you are in, students should always be kind to each other. It should be a universal theme in all classrooms. In art, which is what I teach, it is extremely important to respect the tools and materials. Many of the tools that students will use in art classes are not cheap and cannot be easily replaced, therefore respecting the materials is extremely important. Another rule I believe to be important is that students should always stop what they are working on and listen when the instructor is speaking. Again, in the art room, if the instructor is speaking, the student’s full attention is needed. The instructor may be going over crucial instructions about equipment being used or specifics of a particular art project. And last but not least, always clean up your mess. This is SO important in any art class. In high school art classes, the students are sharing the art studio with a number of students that are in and out of the room throughout the day. If a student does not clean up his or her work area, the mess is left for the next student who enters the room. Every student should be given the opportunity to start there work day in a clean environment. As an art instructor it also important to allow the students enough time at the end of class to be able to clean up.

This is a link to an article that talks about the mistakes that new teachers commonly make when creating rules for the classroom. It’s an interesting read with several good points.


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