Here in Fairbanks

Hello! My name is Allison, and I am currently living in Fairbanks. I moved here two years ago to go to school.   I am originally from Plymouth, Maine. I am finishing up my biology degree this semester and this is my first masters level class and my first class towards my teachers certificate. I”m not exactly sure if I will be doing my masters or not, but I figure taking the master’s level class can’t hurt.

My first two years of college I coached middle school basketball and soccer, which I absolutely loved. I’m hoping to be able to coach when I begin teaching. My favorite thing to do is work at summer camp. Most of my time is spent working with the high school staff and I train the lifeguards for the summer (and when I get a little free time I love to wakeboard and waterski.) During winter, I enjoy reading and I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with running, though I do it inside (I really don’t like the cold…).

I really look forward to learning about how to best serve the kids that I will be teaching.

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