Greetings from the Head of Kachemak Bay

I was born and raised 20 miles east of Homer, AK, at the head of beautiful Kachemak Bay, in the Russian Old Believer community of Voznesenka.   I am now teaching Russian language in the villages of Voznesenka, and Kachemak Selo, which is just down the hill on the water.   I teach Russian to students who already speak it, so it’s more like teaching Language Arts, but in Russian (it’s called Heritage Language instruction, since the students learned how to speak it at home).   I am now one year into the teacher prep program, and am looking forward to another great school year!

Before this, I graduated from UAA with a BA in Russian Language, and then spent four years doing IT for the Kenai Peninsula school district until I started teaching in the fall of 2011.   I am extremely fortunate and happy to be teaching in the same school that I graduated from less than 10 years ago.

Here’s a peak at my view on the way to work each day at Kachemak Selo.

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