Full Time in Fairbanks

Hello Everybody!

My name is Nicholas Evans, and I was born and raised in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I moved to Alaska about four years ago and spent two years living in the Glennallen area and have spent the last two going to UAF. I’m on my third year of full time classes, so hopefully the end is in sight. I’ve just started my junior year and this is my first 400 level class (and my first distance class). I haven’t started student teaching yet, but I have done my intro-level observations. I’m currently bouncing back and forth between teaching high school English and science. I may end up getting certified in both! Someday I plan on getting my Master’s in Education, but I may do that a later point in time to try and avoid getting burned out. For now, I am working on my English degree. Next semester I plan on taking the Praxis for the first time. I think I am one of the only people in the class with no “real” classroom experience yet!

 A bit about me personally: I don’t like blogging, or twitter, or facebook, so this is going to be an interesting experience for me. I’ve never kept a blog. I think my last.fm page is the closest to that I’ve ever come. Because I deactivated my facebook ages ago, the picture in this post is over a year old, I think. I spend my time hiking and biking in the summer, and snowmachining and snowshoeing in the winter. I also play a lot of video games and enjoy weight lifting, though I have to be more careful on that now because last December I tore my rotator cuff. I also spend a lot of time listening to music, my library is somewhere in the range of 30000 items. I look forward to this class because the topic of classroom management is one of the things I was most worried about when chose this career path. One thing I like already is how scattered about the state we are (and Florida!), so hopefully I can hear a lot of different perspectives from people in different places.


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