A Little Sleep-Deprived in Florida but Happy to Be Here

Hi All,

It was wonderful to meet everyone last night in our first class. I’m Sherry Lohmeyer. Up until the summer, my husband and I lived in Soldotna, AK, with our two-year-old and two Labs. Now, we’ve moved back to Tallahassee, FL, to be closer to family. On July 27th, I had a big ‘ole baby boy. I’m currently teaching online classes with Kenai Peninsula College while staying home with my two little ones. I taught high school English and community college for a few years before moving to Alaska, and I’m really looking forward to this course and progressing toward a Master’s in Education in general.   My hope is to return to the high school classroom as a fully certified English teacher.

For now, my hobbies include reading “Go, Dog! Go.” three times a day and cutting off the crusts on PB and J. I’ve also rediscovered a love for swinging on swingsets. I keep a regular blog for family, also through WordPress, and try to read all our current issues of Harper’s and The New Yorker. When I think about myself as a teacher again, I hope to design and implement a challenging curriculum that feels accessible and inspiring to students. I love teaching English.

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