The End of the Beginning

In order to be a successful instructor, all prospective teachers need to have a solid understanding of the importance of classroom management. All students who have observed a few classes as part of their practicum for their education courses have witnessed various teaching strategies and forms of classroom management. However, it is probably safe to say that not all of these practices are effective, or even noteworthy in any positive regard, and as such create a difficult learning environment for both student and teacher.

It is ridiculously important to be able to manage a classroom effectively and within said room, contain a high level of control in order to instruct a seemingly large group of students. I like the strategy of implementing a set of classroom rules at the beginning of the school year, as well as constructing a detailed syllabus with a list of assignments and expectations for the course. Characteristics of a good teacher include excellent organizational skills,  mastery of  subject matter, relaxed personality, passion for teaching, and approachability. All of these traits help to contribute to the creation of a wonderful teacher and all must be the leading foundation in order to develop a successful classroom management plan.

I hope that when I am in control of my own classroom and am finally placed within the career of my choice, that I will be a good teacher and be able to make a mark on the lives of students. I know that, going into this profession, I am not out to change the world and that trying to do so would only lead to disappointment. All I  want to do is change the outcome for students and give them the opportunity to be prepared as much as possible for their lives. I don’t want to just make a difference or make a student learn how to write a five-paragraph essay…I want to teach a kid how to be productive, how to make the best of their life, and how to enjoy it while they can.