I Hope You Dance

Well it has been a really long journey for all of us.

We all have earned or about to earn our degree of higher education (and some more then others). And yet, we all have jumped back in to pursue even more degrees of higher learning.

And for what? For the glory and prestige that being a learned individual in our culture brings to us and our families? The riches and fortune that it brings? The fame it brings at being successful in that field? the vast breadth of knowledge so fulfilling to our own self interests?

Well this may be true for other fields of study, but we are getting certified to teach high school students how to write or the history of their country or culture. With that comes a lot of heart ache, pain, self awareness, self sacrifice, discipline, humility, and mind-numbingly boring paper work.

But, we will know that when that one student walks across that stage with their cap and gown to receive their piece of paper and gives a hug and thanks you for all the crap you put up with– that’s when we will know we made a difference. That’s when we will know that all the crap that we have done and put up with, was worth it.

So the question is how will I do it? Well, I am under the belief that an appropriate, positive and productive relationship outside the classroom is the key to positive learning environment; yet I am also forced to accept that interacting with every student on this level will be impossible. But as long as I can have enough of the culture building students to believe I am greatРword will spread. Building those relationships will be crucial. I have known through experience and observation that when those relationships are built and the respect is  reciprocated  and maintained, learning and a positive learning environment follows. Students will be excited to come to class and will be eager to perform in your class. This is my basic premise for my teaching philosophy. In the Intro Spanish courses that I have helped teach as well as the pledge classes and leadership workshops I have presented, all of which I build a good rapport outside the lesson to make the lessons easier to stand for the students.

Always make sure that your relationships and attitude are positive. There are many ways to stay positive. Eat, Pray, Love? Sports, fitness? I agree with all of those and try to practice all of those as well; but above all, personally, I hope you dance.


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