Education or Fishing?

After teaching a K-12 classroom for one year and teaching an online math class I have decided that I am not cut out to be a teacher. I started taking classes and teaching to help pay for my commercial fishing operation in Bristol Bay. I thought that teaching would be a good complement to fishing and help expedite my plans to build a new boat and buy a fishing permit. Also, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a back-up job in case I had a bad year fishing.

The reality was that I did not like the education classes, I don’t like the educational system and  I am not passionate about teaching. What I do love to do is design and build things and I love the ocean and all kinds of commercial fishing.  I have decided that fishing is a good complement to fishing. I have been entirely frustrated with trying to be a teacher.   The only way I could have been a teacher is if I would have been allowed to do “place-based’ education and teach the kids how to understand their environment and how to work with it.

I also want to build things (this is my gifting). I am currently building my house right now and plan on building a shop and a new fishing boat next fall. My teaching license expires this spring and I don’t plan to renew it or take any more education classes.

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