My Classroom Management Philosphy

During my 20 hours of observation I picked up some very handy hints and tricks to classroom management, and I definitely picked up on the fact that every teacher does classroom management in their own style.   I plan on incorporating these observations   into my every day philosophy of classroom management and hopefully become an effective teacher.

I will treat all students regardless of annoyance level or dis respectfulness with respect and patience

I will tweak my rules and policies depending on what class I am teaching (i.e. freshman vs. senior) for maturity reasons

My room will be warm, inviting, and safe for all students to come to learn, full of maps, posters, and other interesting items

I want to show students that I am a smart, effective, fair, warm, but stern teacher and they will be treated like young adults if they act like young adults

There will be clear consequences for not following the rules and policies, and some will be harsher than others depending upon the infraction.   I would like to incorporate a “silly” punishment here and there just to keep the mood light and let the students know it isn’t a big deal but next time please don’t do it

All in all, I want to keep a tight hold on my class for the first few years and get the hang of teaching before I try to sit back and watch it all fall into place- that won’t happen unless we work hard and learn fast in the first few years.



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