Classroom Management Help

Classroom management is obviously very important for being an effective instructor, and here are some sites that may help us budding teachers if we run into any issues:

This site has many videos that show teachers effective teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, and an array of other things helpful for new teachers.   They recently set up a blog site as well where teachers can go to share techniques and materials as well as personal success stories or failures.

This other blog site I found has a teacher that blogs regularly about different instances in the classroom that they utilized effective CM techniques, and these real life situations and how they handled them can really teach us more than just reading it in a book.   They also put up videos they created on CM techniques and include helpful articles they find for teachers.


This last link comes from the teacher’s guide classroom management site

and has a list of different techniques for CM.   It pretty much copies what the other sites we all found, but it is all words and not a lot of videos.   More of a textbook approach online if you learn that way.   It also has some links to other interactive sites and job searches.

Attention getting– 1 minute video on getting students attention