Mr. London Needs to Wiggle, Too!

The Barbed Wire Model of Classroom Management

In this blog, the author compared the activity of untangling barbed wire with the (sometimes) difficult task of managing a classroom. He took an interesting approach on the topic and organized his views accordingly. He compared barbed wire in terms of “coiling the classroom” with the purpose of untangling the isuses that may be present and wrapped everything up with the importance of focusing student energy in order to be successful.

Education World: Classroom Management Tips

This site offered valuable tips on classroom management. Each tip had a link that would take the reader to another page that would go further in-depth in terms of the topic at hand. Through these links, detailed information could be found, which I thought was very helpful and a much more organized way of presenting a lot of information.

Life is Good in Room 305

Admittedly, this is not the most highly-esteemed video out there and I probably could have found something more productive, but it was a
very cute little song that had a catchy little tune. However, it does still offer helpful advice for prospective teachers by reinforcing the
importance of having a plan in the morning, having fun with your students, and being sure to try to schedule in some wiggle time now and

The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Teachers

This one was good, too. 🙂