My Links from Spokane

I’m currently in Spokane, WA for a conference and here are some of the links that I found useful for education (specifically in the field of history).

This blog I found highlights all of the important issues that I think excellent classroom management needs. This blogger talks specifically about what she has learned over the past years. It is a re-posting of a previous blog, but since it was so popular, she decided it deserved to be put on again. She also lists some creative activities for the classroom.

This video is done by a highschool teacher. It seems like most topics on classroom management tend to focus on elementary ed. One particular part about this video that I appreciated was how the teacher coupled good classroom management with exciting lesson plans. Both need to go together to make an excellent class.

This last link is for a website. I think the part that grabbed my attention was in the first paragraph it mentions how half of a teacher’s time is occupied by discipline. To me, this ¬†emphasizes ¬†how important it is to have good classroom management. There were also some links for other sites listed.