Gimme back the Nike….

Alright, so this guy wants all non-native “experts” to get out and let them do their own curriculum and education…sounds all well and good except that if the students want to leave the village how are they going to be assessed for other colleges and careers?   Does a bunch of their “rich cultural history” really prepare them to integrate or synthesize with the dominant culture?   I’m not saying it does not have value to be taught-it is their culture and heritage and should be taught.   But this guy makes it sound like all western influence needs to leave in order for them to fix themselves and become better.   Well I can start a long list of things to go with us when we leave….gimme back the nikes, the basketballs, the snowmachines, the oil, the houses, the electricity, internet, cars, boats, winter clothing, arabic numerals, english language, medicine, firearms, fashion, alcohol, cigarettes and what else have you.   Of course I’m being extreme but to make my counter point- they don’t get to have just what they want from us and tell us to leave, if it weren’t for white teachers their children wouldn’t be getting ANY education other than oral history from their elders.   If they want native educators in their villages then send them to us, stop the alcohol and drug abuse, teach your children to be responsible and hard working and not dependent on government for everything.   It is not our fault you don’t have more “experts” of your skin color working in the community.   We go out to make a difference in their lives since they aren’t willing to do it for themselves.   If you want your culture back don’t just take what you want of ours and tell us to butt out.