Show Me Your War Face!

In order to succeed in my classroom, I need to enter each and every period with a prepared and active mental set. In general, every day brings new challenges and events that have to be met and handled thoroughly. I like to think that whenever a new set of students walk into my room, I  will be  ready to brace whatever moves they throw at me in order to maintain the professional and fun setting that I imagine for my room. I need to be able to walk into various scenarios with an open mind, a sense of reason, and a back-up plan. I will need to understand that not every minute detail can be controlled, but that it is important to to do the best I can.

When I first interviewed for the school district, I was asked what types of activities I do   in my free time. At the time, I thought this was a little strange, but now realize the importance of the question. I never realized how stressful a job could be until I began working as an aid in the IR room at LHS and how desperately I needed to vent at the end of the day. I began to ski, bike, run, drive around screaming the lyrics to my favorite songs that were blaring on my speakers….anything to let out the stress and get myself back to reality. This idea of breaking down my emotions and just “letting it all out” was the best medicine for a life full of stress and is one of the most valuable tools that a prospective teacher can use in order to succeed. It is so unbelievably important to learn to leave work at work and to regain a sense of self outside of work at the end of the day. As a result of all my screaming and yelling at my speakers, I learned how to control my stress…and developed a pretty  mean war face.

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