“Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant.” –Emerson

Needless to say, passion was my favorite, because in lieu of all the things that I doubt about myself, I always know I have passion. Being a teacher is really all that I have ever wanted to be, the only thing in my way of it is college, haha. Reading these twenty tid bits of info really made me think about the concepts she was introducing. The ideas of mentoring and building relationships are not new ideas to me, but they aren’t ones that are on the forefront of my mind either. It is a good list to look at as a reminder that those types of concepts need attention too.

However, I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by all these ideas revolving around the internet. I am NOT opposed to it, I LOVE the internet. I remember the first day we got internet installed in my house, it was such a thrill! But I feel like such a great deal of emphasis is placed on using it all the time for so many things is stressful. I have an iPhone and an iPad and I will never stray from my dearly beloved apple products, but sometimes their power is forgotten.

The suggestion of blogging is made, and then to blog with your students, and then to journal, and then to skype, and create a wiki, and a youtube channel, and then post the links onto twitter so I can tell the world what I am doing. Yes, networking, EXCELLENT! I am so looking forward to sharing ideas with fellow teachers. But when I think of all these things to do, I think of when my students will see my passion. And if I following these suggestions, they won’t ever see it because I will be on my computer all day. I don’t want to send them home every night to sit and stare at their computer, and I don’t necessarily want to stare at mine any more than I have to.

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