No, Ten is Enough.

Although this blog site is exponentially better then the most recent one before, this one I felt was a bit overly excessive with its advise. I might agree that 20 “little tid bits” is a nice, low and round number, but I feel the bottom 10 can just simply be cut out of the list all together.

With that being said, the blogger did a great job organizing his thoughts into the level of importance to the reader; I really feel the first 10 tid bits his lists are the most important things for a first-year educator to know about handling his/her experience at that first school. But the bottom 10 aren’t as crucial, in my opinion, to surviving and thriving the first-year experience.

The first 10 tid bits describe the fundamentals of beginning to integrate into the school and faculty community and how to best communicate and collaborate with the  various  facets of the institution. I agree with every inch of these tid bits. It is absolutely crucial for a first-year teacher to reach our, branch out, and collaborate with his colleagues, peers and administrators– and not just for his/her own betterment, but for the betterment of the students’ education. I know I would feel terrible if I allowed my own vanity and pride get in the way of a student’s learning and school experience just because I could not bring myself to ask for help. It might be embarrassing to ask another educator because you might feel incompetent or insecure about your position inside the institution, but if it ensures that the students are getting a proper education– you do what you need to! This is the sole reason for our profession.

Now, the bottom ten, albeit fun and at times informative, are exponentially less important to accomplish as a first-year educator. I am not entirely convinced if a typical educator EVER needs to start his/her own Youtube channel, or blog AND journal about his/her experience. Furthemore, why would an educator ever need to start their own wiki page? If this educator is pioneering a brand new field of study on a particular subject– then by all means. But if one is a typical educator teacher Government, History, high school Biology, Literature or the like– then they never need to make a wiki page of their very own on their teaching subject. Join a community? Great, but wasn’t that mentioned in a few other transformations while forming relationships, collaborating or participating in blogs?

Now I am not trying to hate the advice, its sound advice. But to take them all in one large lump, it puts a lot of pressure to try and accomplish all these tid bits. I would say just focus on the top 10  first to survive and if you feel like you want to excel more in the first year, then seek the other means. But ten is enough for a struggling educators. 10 is enough.


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