Help is on the way!

So it took me quite awhile for me to figure out what this website was all about. I am still a little confused, seems like a an online educators . . . education academy? Well anyway, I found a link that I found really intriguing and interesting:

This was really excited prospect for all of us prospective teachers who will be starting their careers (hopefully) really soon. This link is an informational link for the membership into the Young Educators Network (YEN). YEN is a network of educators usually in their twenties or low  thirties that are linked in together to help each other through the first years of teaching. Just knowing that other people are going through the same hardships and have similar weaknesses that you may have, is always a welcomed feeling. They enter  into YEN to participate in year round discussions and they can even attend the annual  ISTE’s Conference and Exposition to collaborate with colleagues live. I don’t know if I am just overly exposed with fraternity and leadership development conferences, but the thought of synergistic energy and the melting pot of diverse perspectives and ideas is just down right exciting!

However, the link doesn’t give too much more information about the network, but the link below is the ACTUAL network that is through ISTE:

When I took the time to browse the topics these young educators were talking about, I got even more intrigued. First topic on the list was how a young educator can gain confidence in teaching AP and honors students; which is an interesting topic for me because I am excited to teach the same students and I am concerned. I am sold. I may be worried about how my teaching style will work out, but no worries– Help is on the way!


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