At least the backpacks will be lighter.

I too found this website to be rather confusing to navigate, so like Ben, I went into the blogs. I really liked the Young Educators Network, and reading their posts. One particular post brought up something I never even thought of, what do you do with students who are going above and beyond in their academics? I am waist deep in learning how to control the problem children, inclusion, and accommodations but I have yet to learn how to teach students who are in AP and Honors classes. I never even thought of it until now.

I also find value in hearing from a lot of students who are just starting out in the schools, doing their professional year in a classroom with a mentor. One of the bloggers is my age, which was exciting for me because I haven’t heard from anyone my age on their own personal teaching experiences. For me that is helpful and motivating to keep going and get to where they are, almost done haha.

The website as a whole was hard for me to navigate, but from what I read it is an advocate and resource for teachers and aspiring teachers to gather information and ideas on using technology in their classrooms. I think that with the e-readers instead of textbooks, students are going to be able to constantly access everything for reference which I believe is helpful. For instance, say you are working on The Adventures of Huck Finn, but all you have in front of you is the paper copy. With something like an iPad or a laptop, you can not only navigate the book based on a quote search, but also look up the historical context with ease. Not to say that I find no value in books, I only get them on my ipad if they are free because I LOVE having my books in my hands. But i believe that a student will be more motivated to research and navigate a text if they can google concepts, look up words, and find summaries all in one place.

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