Breaker One Nine

I agree that technology is not a necessary tool for teaching, however, I believe teachers have to meet students where they are at. Not to say they have complete say, but when a student can benefit from certain accommodations I believe that they should be made. I like what the teachers were saying about how technology is changing the way they all conduct their classes, but that it must be kept in check. Technology is meant t be used as a device not a teacher, that is still the teachers job. I really liked the first response, and the one about how students should be allowed to use the form of their choice to present a project or presentation. I had a teacher who used a lot of video production and that was very helpful in understanding the content. It also taught us a new way to express ourselves.

The class i observed in is a special education classroom, where they use a lot of technology and it is amazing. As a reward for good behavior they can choose from iPad or laptop time, or music. One studentuses her iPad to talk by pointing to the pictures. They all love music so when they are do puzzles or freedoms the teacher picks a pandora playlist. Their favorite so far is Disney, and my first day there they all were up dancing. The ability to use the technology to answer questions and communicate needs is incredible in my opinion. As a sibling of someone with a disability, I would love to be able to know what she is think or needs. Althing my sister cannot manipulate her arms to use anipad, honors where technology is going to go in ten years.

As a teacher I plan on using technology, but not all of the time. I cannot say what i will use exactly, I don’t know what resource I will have available to me. But i believe that by varying the ways in which students can express what they are learning, they are go to gain a better understanding of not only the content but also the programs and processes they choose. Bring it on apple.

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