Technology is the New Thing

Tech is definitely not necessary to teach a class, heck they have been doing it for thousands of years without electricity…however, technology definitely enhances learning, and makes teachers jobs not only more easy, but more fun and productive.   I completely agree that technology should be implemented, and that obviously teachers need to be trained on the equipment first.   How they should be trained, when, and where is another matter that I have no experience with.

As far as observations go, I have seen PP and computer labs used extensively in multiple classes.   My mentor uses his laptop for almost everything:   attendance, PP, you tube vids, and anything else.   He totes it around from his classes to the computer lab or library, and moves it back and forth between the projector and his desk.   I could see a laptop/ ipad being very helpful in teaching.   In the years to come before I am a teacher I hope to see helpful apps for teaching produced, and I hope to get some experience with more technology before I enter the career field.

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