Rules Rulez!!

Rules are  especially important for the make up of a good learning environment. I feel as if I do not want to beat a dead horse about this subject because Jesse Bynum and I wrote an entire presentation on the first section of our book that dealt with this subject. Rules are essential  because  they help teachers seamlessly flow through subject matter and learning. Without established  guidelines  and rules, a teacher can get lost with disciplinary actions and discussions and not enough time for learning.

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Some general rules or guidelines that I would establish are:

1. Be prepared with materials and assignments

2. Be respectful of yourself and others

3. Be an active participant

4. Wait to be dismissed.


I feel these are effective yet general rules that are both firm and flexible for my classroom setting; and, of course, their intent will be explained at the beginning of course and reviewed as needed. Also, these general rules will be important for me in my target  subjects. I will be  predominantly  teaching  high school government and/or Spanish. In both cases these rules will be extremely prevalent.

When discussing government and politics, the need to be prepared and respectful is of the utmost importance; discussing sensitive opinions on current issues, both domestic and abroad, can get extremely heated at times. As well, the necessity for oral participation in a Spanish class will require students to get out of their comfort zone– so both the need to be respectful and an active participate is crucial to a second language course. If a student does not receive their proper encouragement in a language course, a student can forever be jaded in pursuing ANY language in the future.

The rules listed are just my preference of general rules and I am sure more prevalent rules will be established via schoolwide policy and I will adhere to all major and visible guidelines. But things like no hats of other rules of that nature, I won’t really have too much preference for and will only enforce on an as-needed basis (like, perhaps, when administration specifically asks me too).

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