Hell, There Are No Rules Here: We’re Trying to Accomplish Something

As educated, capable, and well-fed adults, it is easy to understand the importance of rules within almost any conceivable atmosphere. However, this is not completely clear  to children or young adults.  Within schools and other work-focused institutions, there is an obvious need for structure and discipline, and both can  be incorporated with rules.

Currently working at WVHS is an English teacher that I respect greatly and have often referenced   as my “professional crush.” She is an amazing, organized teacher who has some serious “with-it-ness” and is admired by the majority of students as well as the staff.  I have observed  her classroom countless times  over the past two years and in these observations,  I have begun to question the idea of having solid classroom rules. She does not have any set rules that she vocalizes in the syllabi, the beginning of the course, or at any point throughout the semester. At the beginning of each semester, she has simply stated, in her own words, that students are expected to do their work and that they simply don’t have time to misbehave. I could go on for days talking about how wonderful of a teacher she is, but I think that would be dreadfully boring for anyone that hasn’t observed her.

As a direct result of observing her methods, I am torn or the topic of classroom rules.
However, to adhere to the blog requirement, I will respond appropriately. 🙂

1. Show  Respect
2. Do your work  – when you’re here, you’re mine
3. Be prepared
4. Leave your issues at the door

I know that those are pretty plain and probably not specific enough for the assignment, but again, I am having conflicting ideals and am not sure how to appropriately address the issue.


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