Secondary ED Rules for my Classroom

  I will be primarily teaching HS history courses so I would take a “less is more” approach to how many rules I have because I do not want students to feel stifled, and I want to promote two-way respect by respecting student’s maturity.   Like all privileges in life, I will give as many as I can but students will know that they will be taken away if abused.

1: Respect each other, respect the teacher, and you will get my respect in return, to earn it you must give it!

2: Be in your seat, quiet, and ready to begin the day’s lesson before the bell.

3: One speaker at a time, raise your hand!

4: Food and drink other than water is not permitted.   If it becomes an issue, water rights will be taken away.

5: I have zero tolerance for cheating, do your own work at all times, unless the project deems it necessary to share information.


These rules are in place because they are covering pet peeves of mine, food wrappers and background noise would be an issue so food will not be permitted.   Cheating is a major peeve of mine, and even though it should be common sense, I want to reinforce it- “If it is in my top 5 then it is a big deal to me”   is my approach.   The reason I want the students in their seat and ready to go before the bell is because I want it to become an expected procedure that we will be expected to get there on time and there will be a sponge activity that will be graded (minimal points but it should still be enough to keep students worried about getting to class on time)   and this should hopefully minimize tardiness.   One speaker at a time is a common sense rule but again, its a peeve so it is on my list.   Respect is essential, and as young adults they must understand respect is earned, not given, and it will be that way their entire lives.

This website has some ideas for rules and procedures.

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