My First Blog

Hello, My name is Jesse Bynum and I am studying history and minoring in secondary education and political science.  I am in my fifth year at UAF and intend on graduating in the next 1.5 years.  I was born and raised in Alaska mostly in small towns and villages (except for Fairbanks for a year during the 2nd grade).  My mother was a special education teacher and we moved around a lot in the beginning (Huslia, Healy, Northway, Fairbanks, Nikolski, and King Cove) all before the 4th grade, but my family finally settled down in Delta Junction and we have been there ever since.

I love the idea of teaching and helping others, especially teens who are getting ready to go out into the world and need guidance.  I had the good fortune of having a few teachers who helped me along and kept me on the straight and narrow because I valued their knowledge and respected them enough not to let them down.  I hope to do the same one day, even if I help just one kid in my whole career it would be worth it, (although I hope to help many thousands of kids throughout my career!)  I hope to teach in Alaska and anywhere would be quite alright to start with, but I’d like to get back to Delta eventually.

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