That’s Yupik for “Hello!” My name is Corey Cejka, and I teach high school Language Arts in Togiak, which in located in southwestern rural Alaska. I’ve lived out here for a year, and I really love it. Out here, my teaching philosophy is akin to a parenting philosophy. I feed my students, discipline them, make sure they get to bed and school on time, and my classroom is a complete safe zone – many of my students take refuge in my classroom to get away from bad days, arguments, and even the (unfortunate) occasional inebriated parent.

As for my outdoor hobbies, I enjoy riding my fourwheeler, camping, fishing, hunting (rifle and bow), and precision rifle shooting. Indoors, I am an avid reader and puzzler. My husband and I have a dog named Bear, and we’re getting another puppy pretty soon! I’m interested in most subjects – I love literature, art, science, history, feminism, gender studies, social justice, and pop culture.

My husband works right across the hall from me as the art and shop teacher for the high school.

Husband and I out smelt fishing on the river

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